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U2Call, previously known as Unicom, was started in 1996 with a single focused intention, to enable people to talk to their loved ones wherever they are in the world whenever they want. A committed approach towards customer satisfaction has today led U2Call to become one of the leading brands of residential calling services. U2Call has been a trusted calling service brand since 1996 and has thousands of customers who enjoy quality service. It provides its customers excellent international calling facility at very economical costs. The customers comprise of individuals who call their loved ones all over the world and businessmen who make international business calls around the globe. U2Call has enjoyed a huge loyal clientele due to their uncompromised service, be it unmatched voice quality, the best calling rates in the market, attractive offers or prompt customer service. No wonder U2Call is witnessing a rapid growth in its numbers of satisfied customers.

Quality matters most

One of the most crucial aspects of our success has been our uncompromising attitude towards the quality of our service. Customers swear by our distortion-free unmatched voice quality and instant connectivity. We achieve this through our updated technology and infrastructure that matches the standards of the best in the industry. It doesn't end there; we also constantly improve our own standards by enhancing our technology, human resources and infrastructure.

Giving back more        

A belief U2call has carried forward since our inception. We believe and owe our growth and strong customer loyalty to our approach to give as much as we can back to our customers. We have always been the pioneers to introduce the best and most cost effective rates in the market, which is seldom matched by competitors. Apart from the most competitive pricing, we treat our customers by offering with amazing discounts and attractive offers at all times, referral programmes and more, all just to give them back more than what they expect.

Support is equal to satisfaction

To ensure that our customers enjoy the best of our services, we have incorporated an excellent customer service support system. We believe that a customerís overall satisfaction relies largely on their after-sales experience and to make this experience a fulfilling one we have set up a full scale call centre exclusively for U2Call customers.     This highly secured and technologically equipped facility consists of teams of trained customer care executives, engineers and other technical staff to cater to all kinds of requests of our customers. U2Call makes sure that its customers are happy with the service at all times to ensure customer relationships that last forever.

Behind the scenes        

Dravtel, owners of the brand U2Call, is a progressive business initiative started to provide cost effective growth-oriented business solutions. Started to support U2Call in the UK, it was registered as an Indian company in 2009 and today solely owns U2Call Ė one of the leading and most trusted residential calling services brand since 1996. Over a decadeís experience in the telecom industry has enabled Dravtel to take U2Call to greater heights of success. Today, Dravtel has its own efficient call centre unit to support U2Callís customer service requirements.